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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Insurance Quote Websites

In the past shopping for insurance meant speaking with an agent that had access to a handful of insurance companies. Today, you can use an online service to connect with thousands of agencies. Unlimited access and speed offer the consumer many advantages such as:

  • Time: There are thousands of insurance agencies in the US and Canada that offer various levels of coverage. However, it would require a huge investment of time to talk to hundreds of agents in order to find the most affordable plan or a unique type of coverage. Most services can offer a quote within the same day, without having to talk to an agent.
  • Location: You can search by zip code to find agents in your area that offer the kind of coverage you need. 
  • Multiple Quotes: Most sites can connect you with several agents in your area; many advertise that they can generate as many as five quotes.
  • Cost: All of the insurance quote services we reviewed are free. Most services have access to thousands of agents that can offer a wide range of pricing, so you can shop for the lowest rate available. 
  • No Obligation: All the sites offer quotes with no obligation to buy, and an agent will not contact you by phone unless you request it.
  • Security: The best sites publish an extensive privacy policy and use VeriSign SSL certificates to encrypt and protect your personal information.
Since these services are free, strive to protect your personal information and require no obligation, you lose nothing by shopping around. It's like window-shopping without having to stand out in the rain.
In this site, you'll find articles on insurance-related issues, as well as comprehensive reviews and a side-by-side comparison to help you make an informed decision on which service is right for your insurance needs.

What to Look for in an Insurance Quote Website

There are many services out there to choose from, but finding the service that best fits your needs can be a challenge. We chose fifteen of the most reputable services available and rated them based on several criteria.
Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate insurance quote websites:

Types of Insurance Quoted
The most comprehensive services offer many coverage options and have access to thousands of agencies. Some services offer only basic policies such as auto or home insurance, whereas others have access to special coverage like professional liability or medical malpractice.

Ease of Use of Service
These sites should be easy to navigate through the first time, and the quote request form should only take several minutes to fill out.

Quotes Supplied
The more quotes a shopper receives, the more choices they have with regards to policy options and pricing. A good service will offer up to five quotes or alternative links to agencies that may be able to help them if they have a special need.

Help/Support Options
Customer support should offer a variety of contact methods including telephone, email, mail or instant message. Online support may range from help menus to FAQs pages to glossaries.

Top car- insurance websites:

Car Insurance: Progressive Auto Insurance
Compare auto insurance policies at Progressive and other leading companies. Start a new quote or retrieve a saved quote. Payments can be made online should you decide to purchase a Progressive plan.
Car Insurance: Geico

Shop for auto insurance at the well-known company, get a quote online, and learn how to save money on your plan. Access news, advice, and profiles of insurance for vehicles other than cars.
Car Insurance: Insurance Information Institute
Read up on car insurance basics, policy buying and money saving advice, claim filing, and safety issues. Be sure to read the article on basic auto 
policy and the typical six coverage's.

LoveToKnow Insurance 
Wiki site covers all sorts of insurance, including a section on 
car insurance.

Car Insurance: Liberty Mutual
Insurance company's website contains an car insurance premium quoting tool that allows you to receive a quote in 5-15 minutes. Details qualifications for consideration. Customer service contact information available.
Car Insurance Tips:
Tips and articles on 
choosing the right insurance company, ten important steps to take before purchasing a plan, and insurance info for teenage drivers. Learn of different auto insurance rates in the Insurance Center.
Car Insurance:
Receive up to four quotes from top insurance companies by simply answering one set of questions. Start a new quote or retrieve an existing one. Read the 
FAQ on auto insurance and learn how to get a warranty quote.


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