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Sunday, January 9, 2011

What are common mistakes people make when choosing car insurance?

- Do not limit yourself to a quote from only one company worrying about how the multiple credit rating requests may affect your credit.

- Most insurance policies do not automatically include rental car coverage.

- The lowest price does not always mean the best value. Compare similar policies.

- It is most likely the policy holder will contact the toll free customer service number if a need arises and should call the toll free number to assess the quality of service when choosing car insurance.

- Many people do not reduce their coverage after paying off a vehicle or after significant depreciation. Older vehicle’s value should be assessed to be sure collision coverage is cost effective.

- Many people do not carry sufficient liability coverage, make sure liability coverage meets the cost of commonly seen luxury vehicles and SUV’s.

- Most people do not ask for auto insurance discounts. When choosing car insurance consumers must be aware of different terminology between different companies. Each may call similar policy features by different names.

- Payment plans often carry administrative fees.

- Many insurance companies factor credit score as a risk factor. If your credit score dramatically drops it may not be the best time to change or buy car insurance.

- Drivers who go periods of time with no coverage do not end up saving money, as the insurance companies assign a lack of a previous policy as a significant risk factor.


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