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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cheap Car Insurance And CA Insurance Department

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Car insurance is certainly one of those necessities that we all try to find cheap car insurance to get it. But how do you go about finding comparisons without spending hours on the phone with different agents? Here are some easy ways to get a good idea of the lowest you need to pay for your auto insurance.The most important thing to realize is that car insurance rates vary from one company to the next -- often by quite a bit. So if you just contact one or two companies for a quote, you may pay more than you need to. The Insurance Information Institute recommends shopping for at least three or more quotes for comparison.

Many state CA insurance department feature rate comparison information on their Web sites for the companies that do business in their state. These can give you a good idea of comparative rates, but you still won't know exactly what it's going to cost you. That's because there are other factors that affect your total costs such as the type of car you drive, your driving and credit record, your claims record, and any special discounts you are eligible for.That's why it's best to do a little comparison shopping. You can use the insurance department information as a starting point and go to the individual company Web sites, or call them, to get a quote. Make sure that you provide each company with the same information about the coverages you want, the amount of deductibles and driver information. This will give you the most accurate comparison. It helps to have a sheet of paper to jot down quotes and notes about each company.

There are also several Web sites out there that offer comparison quotes from several different companies or agents. This is a good way to check quotes without having to continue to provide the same information over and over. Or, you can use a comparison site to get additional quotes above and beyond what you get contacting individual companies. it is important and necessary to have car insurance. The first step as a new driver is to work with your parents to determine if they will pay the monthly premiums, if you will help by contributing a certain amount, or if you will pay the amount each month yourself. A lot of parents feel that if their teens pay for part or all of their car insurance, it teaches them responsibility in exchange for the privilege of using the parents' car, or vice versa.


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