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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Amazing Best Cars Concepts to Drive us into Future Part 2

Nereus should easily make it to any sci-fi flick with ease. Its amazing sense of balance and grace with its aggressive look that echoes raw power make it magnificent beast for the future. While the designer believes Nereus is like a chameleon, it does a lot more than change color. It changes its shape, dynamics and sheer body language to convey the speed and movement it has to offer. It is much like a physical transformation that is reflected in its shape. The vehicle is akin to a living object that shows its ‘mood’ very clearly with its posture. Nereus may not even really need a road to travel.
Noah Car
South Korean designer Jung Hoon Rhee is concerned that our health is being compromised by the rigid seating position in cars. His Noah concept incorporates ‘wave seats’, which duplicate the lightness of being immersed in water. He says: ‘They can cope with various body sizes from infants to obese people providing equal comfort everywhere. He focused on ergonomics and preferred to eliminate the rigid seating position and reduced the car weight by being just carried away by the use of electromagnetism causing the car to float away just like the bullet trains. Noah car would give the occupants the sensation they are light and carried by the water.
Nissan Pivo
This weird looking vehicle owns some nifty technologies, changing the way we interact with the car. One of them is the ability to turn the cabin around in the direction you are driving, making parking a pleasure. And yes, the car can drive sideways. To make this driving experience work they integrated an ‘Around View Monitor’ which constantly generates a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings on the dashboard. But what makes it really interesting for Johnny is the way you interact with your navigation system, audio player and other technology. At Nissan they came up with the “Magic 4? concept, which is a new type of interface. You simply have to point your finger at the IR system or node to use the controls.
Bentley SenseS
Rather than being a car, it acts more like your loyal steed and becomes a part of your daily drive. The concept is near to the movie Avatar where the Navi’s can make bond with their animals. Designed by Arturo Peralta, the SenseS attempts to make a connection with its driver and in course of time recognize him and understand all his feelings and emotions. It aims to integrate the driver and his vehicle as one with the help of genetic engineering, biotechnology and artificial intelligence. The concept car is unique and special and is custom crafted to match the needs of each individual user. The car grows and learns along with its driver and becomes a machine that recognizes the needs, emotion and feelings of its driver without any external assistance.
Customizable MOY Car
Tuning the car bodies is a practice most car owners admire but the efforts that go into customization can sometimes hamper the enthusiasm. On the contrary, if the exterior is like a drawing board waiting for an artist to weave his magic, who wouldn’t want to customize the car. MOY Concept gives you that option of taming the exterior customization. The contest winner, MOY concept car was designed by Elvis Tomljenovic received first price in contest held during auto(r) automotive design conference in Zagreb, Croatia. Vehicle is powered by batteries that charge electro motors set in wheels and controlled by drive-by-wire technology.

Aimed for those people who love to use latest technology as a way to communicate with others and express themselves. This concept will allow you to design your car on your PC and then affect the design to your vehicle via wireless data transfer. Using a body made out of polycarbonate layers, liquid crystals, LEDs and a chromic film, MOY can display both static images and videos for the exterior. You even have downloading options available if you are confused about the content you wish you display. What more can you ask for from a car tipped as the future of customization.


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