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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Auto insurance: insurance low mileage car

Today, insurance adjust their contracts to "little wheelers". It is increasingly common to see offer car insurance at discounted price for mileage not exceeding 8000 annual km. Some insurers will also to consider the driver who travels less than 12,000 miles per year as a small rider and can therefore offer appropriate contracts.

Auto insurance in kilometer
Auto insurance: insurance low mileage carUsually most economical insurance at kilometer is, as its name suggests, calculated on the number of kilometers actually travelled per year. Designed for the small rollers, this form of auto insurance works on a prior declaration of the number of kilometers travelled by the driver.

It then undertakes not to exceed the number of kilometers agreed with the insurer. Emphasis is placed on the strict respect of the initial commitment because if the stated mileage is exceeded, the financial consequences can be very heavy.

It is widely recognized that insurance km allows savings ranging from 10-35% compared to a traditional car insurance formula.

The Pay as you Drive
Variant of insurance per kilometer, the Pay As you Drive (pay as you drive), form of auto insurance that just right of the Anglo-Saxon countries, is to install an electronic in the vehicle so that the insurer can refer to the number of kilometers travelled and establish the tariff of the insurance contribution on the basis of this.

Pay as You Drive enables the insured to save between 12 and 40% on the price of its automobile insurance.


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