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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The car's owner, discover with the number plate

In many cases you must know the data related to the vehicle's owner. Sometimes, especially in the event of an accident, you must know the data about the owner of a car or a motorcycle. Fortunately, there is, for some years now, a simple and relatively inexpensive way to trace the owner name: just be aware of the license plate number of the car concerned. Thanks to the plate as a matter of fact you can trace the owner, even if not directly: at first glance this does not reveal name, but such data are easily traceable in the PRA, the public registry Automotive. To access you must pour the ACI, the Automobile Club of Italy who runs the PRA, the sum of 5.65 €: payment is also possible online, by entering their personal data, and the response is immediate.

If you do not have the possibility to take advantage of online payment mode, you must personally attend at the doors of the PRA, present in every Italian province, or alternatively in an ACI: Here you can obtain, in return for payment, the Chamber with all the data required. Starting from the plate of a car, so you can trace not only on first name and surname of account holder, including his address, fiscal code and the value of the vehicle declared to purchase, but also data related to the vehicle (chassis number, engine size, weight, power, type, date of first registration and others), and also any annotations, such as the number of previous owners and mortgages or liens referred to the car. It may be useful to remember you can request only the ordinary verification; indeed, this possibility does not exist for historical surveys, for example, or those that list all previous owners that have owned the car. There are many websites that allow you to accomplish this task, even in total anonymity: the cost is greater, and on average are around 12 €, but these sites are not always reliable; It is important to then pay particular attention when you decide to undertake this type of operation.


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