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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scrap your car: instructions for use

Useful tips to follow the correct procedure and scrap your car. Scrap the car, now too old, is not a simple procedure. There is a bureaucratic procedure in mind to follow. Only after a proper procedure, in fact, you will be issued the certificate of destruction, the one and only tool to raise the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle from every consequence civil, criminal and administrative properties and related to the proper management of the vehicle by which he discards. Here are some helpful tips to avoid unpleasant surprises. The simplest case is when you need to scrap the car to buy a new car dealership. Just bring your old vehicle to the dealership and is a dealer to arrange for vehicle scrapping rilasciandovi "certificate of destruction" within thirty days after the delivery of your purchase.

Scrap your carIf you, instead, scrap the car without buying a new one, you must contact and deliver the car to day 22, commonly referred to as "the collapse". This Centre must be in possession of a special authorization for waste management issued by region or by the province. You can find the list of sites where you demolish cars on At the time of delivery, you will have to release even the license plate, registration certificate and the certificate of ownership. Once delivered the vehicle to the dealership or to "collapse" to the demolition, and from the moment of issue of the certificate of destruction, you no longer have to pay the stamp duty. Spending is planned regarding the removal from PRA (stamp duty). The removal from the Pra should be done by the dealer or manufacturer's Manager before delivering the car to the collection point.


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