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Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to spot clean the seats of your car

A simple guide to remove stains and odors from car seats. For many people the car becomes a real home from home, since for duty or for pleasure you spend whole days in it: it is normal, therefore, that in spite of all due care and attention, a car "lived" can get dirty. In particular, the seats are easily prone to smearing, and it is important to know the various ways possible, fast and simple to remedy. There are in fact several methods, using natural products generally present in any home: for example, you can rub a cloth soaked in a mixture of water and ammonia on stain on the seat, until it disappears, leaving then dry and repeat if necessary. Or you can mix, making special emphasis, distilled water and vinegar (two tablespoons), and use a sponge for cleaning. At the end of the operation you must rinse with water stakeholders.
spot clean
Even more simply, you can rub it directly on the stain half a lemon, and allow it to act for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water. Or remedy is particularly suitable for milder stains, and to eliminate the bad smell from the seats, is baking, placing it directly on the fabric dry, abounding in particular on the area of the stain, and then allow it to act for the entire night. The next day, then remove the residue with a vacuum cleaner. There are also many products on the market designed for car interior cleaning, effective and able to eliminate any type of stain, but certainly more expensive than the natural methods just listed; Finally, you can also opt for the choice to buy seats covers, colorful and practical, which bypass the problem of stains or the make.


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