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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blue form in the event of an accident, here's how to compile it

A short guide to compile without problems after a crash the blue form. The 50% of motorists, according to a recent study of the Direct Line, does not know the blue form continuing in case is involved in a car accident. A driver on two, in fact, said that he found in trouble after being involved with no fault in an accident. The blue form is a tool necessary, indeed indispensable, to obtain, in the event of a claim, reimbursement by the auto insurance. Motorists have explained, in the course of the survey, living with stress and worry the compilation of the module, due to momentary shock over the incident that makes losing lucidity.

compile without problems after a crash the blue formBut instead we must pay close attention to this kind of document. If in fact the blue form is not filled out correctly or is incomplete, even when it comes to direct compensation by the own RC cars, you have a very long bureaucratic wait for the recovery of damages. For example, if the data entered is incomplete if there are unfilled spaces, the car insurance may find that the document is incomplete and will contact you to get the missing information. To make a proposal for compensation, the insurance needs of all data. So here are some tips to avoid errors in the compilation of the blue form:

-Keep calm immediately after the accident

-Indicated with extreme precision the date of the casualty, the plate of vehicles involved, the names of the people involved, the name of the insurance, the description of the incident

-Remember that the accuracy of the data it is essential to have a fast refund

-Keep with you always has a copy of the form please complete blue. The other will be the RC car to obtain a refund.

-If you are shocked by the incident and did not feel fill out the blue form, should I call the police.

Finally, it is good to know that the company has 30 days to present the offer of compensation in case of correct compilation of the blue form (signed by both policyholders involved in the accident), 60 days if the module is compiled by one person involved in the accident and 90 days in the case of minor injury.


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