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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Bersani decree-law to inherit the class of merit

The Bersani law, introduced in April 2007, allows you to save on car insurance. Yet many, at a distance of over 5 years, do not know how and when to take advantage of this legislation. The Act provides specifically that "the insurance undertaking, in all cases to conclusion of a new contract, for another vehicle of the same type, acquired by the person already have insurance or permanent cohabitant component of his household, cannot assign to a class of merit more unfavorable than that resulting from the latest risk certificate obtained on the vehicle".

Simply the law allows you to take advantage of a class of merit more advantageous than legal entry. How? "Inheriting" the merit of another family member (e.g., a parent, a sibling or a spouse as long as cohabitant) and pay a lower cost for car insurance.

The fundamental condition to apply the Bersani law is that the newly purchased vehicle may be considered as "additional" compared to at least another half-present in the household, both by the same owner of the new medium is more familiar.
The Bersani decree-law to inherit the class of merit
The law, which applies only to natural persons, may be applied in certain special cases. You can inherit the merit of a vehicle of a first-degree relative if living. Beware, however, because the class can be transmitted only among vehicles of the same class, for example a car with a car. The vehicle that gives the class of merit must be insured, of course.

Motorists who want to take advantage of the Act must notify the insurance company at the time of the conclusion of the policy. Need some documents: the certificate of risk of the person from whom they want to acquire the merit class, family attesting to the true coexistence between the parties.


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