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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Destruction: If your car is totaled

Yesterday we have talk about Car insurance comparison. Now let's talk about the title above. Even for the most avid sentimentalists comes time to realize that you are time to change cars. But what to make of your car when this can no longer circulate?

Only authorized dealerships demolition may scrap a car and provide for the cancellation of the car from the public registry automotive (PRA).

When collecting the car (complete with plates, registration certificate and certificate of ownership) the wrecker must issue a certificate of acceptance of self-raising the motorist of any responsibility for what may happen later (stamps, unpaid fines, accident).
Destruction: If your car is totaled
The cost of the operation is around 150 € of which 36,68€ represent the pure cost of radiation practice dal PRA the rest is the cost of demolition.

Some agree to demolition scrap, without receiving money, some recent or particularly rare car (whose parts are rare and so expensive).

The hammer can disassemble the vehicles, instead of destroying them, to sell spare parts.

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Thanks for reading this issue. For next topic we will talk about how and where to pay car insurance.


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